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  • Tel:0769-86640049

    CWA Plastics Products co.,LTD

    Professional container products solution service factory

    Dong guan Hua General Plastlce Products co.,Ltd. was founded in 2011, the predecessor was founded in 1997 Dongguan Muyang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Located in Luwu Industrial Zone, Zengbu Management Zone, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, the company is a professional manufacturer of plastic sports kettles, various capacities of PC buckets and insulation boxes. The factory area is more than 7000 square meters, and has been mainly developed and processed for foreign trade in the past ten years. The company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, strong production technical force, with a number of mature technology, exquisite workmanship of the production team and an innovative, vibrant design and management team. The main products are: Sports kettle, all capacity PC bucket, portable PC bucket, coffee pot and so on.





    Domestic business department

    Contact: Miss Xu

    Mobile phone: 13829262869

    E-mail: linda@cwaplastics.com

    International Business Department

    Contact: Lu Sheng

    Tel: 00852-69583534

    E-mail: sam@cwaplastics.com

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