Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Below are our children’s ministries – click around to find out about our regularly scheduled activities for your kids! M1Naz Kids Club is a safe environment where your children will learn about Jesus and the heroes of the Bible. Our goal is to equip and nurture them with the love of Christ. We also have a variety of things that happen throughout the week all through the year. Some of these include:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • Camps and Outings
  • Bible Quizzing
  • Children’s Choir / Christmas Programs
  • M1Kidz Club
  • Baby Day
  • Swimming
  • VBS
  • Movie Nights
  • And many more!

One goal of our children’s department is to keep children safe as we minister to them.  We accomplish this through the Nazarene Safe program, background checks, observing a parental/guardian pick-up procedure, and keeping a clean environment for safe play.

For more info, see Candi Schob!

Pre-K and Under

Sundays Nursery We have a staffed nursery where you can drop off your tiny humans during Sunday Morning Worship and know they are in a safe and loving environment. Praise and Play Bring your kids that are just above that nursery age and have peace in mind knowing they’re not only safe, but are being taught God’s Word through Bible stories, music, and fun activities! Sunday Nights Nursery On Sunday evenings, we have a staffed nursery! Bring your kids, drop…

K – 6th

Sundays M1Naz Kidz In M1Naz Kidz we use Orange curriculum on Sunday mornings. Having monthly themes, we know the children are having the same values reinforced on a four to five week rotation. They’re learning Scripture, discovering the heroes of the Bible, and are being encouraged by amazing teachers to discover their own faith in Christ. Sunday Nights M1Naz Kidz Quizzing We are strong supporters of Bible quizzing. If your child is interested in joining the team or simply just…