Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

During our COVID 19 Stay-At-Home time, our Sunday Morning Worship services will be on Facebook live at 10:15am each Sunday morning. Please join us!

Every Sunday, we have a lot going on at MFC. From Sunday School to services, we have something for all ages!

Sunday School – 9am

In Matthew 28, we are commanded to go and make disciples. Sunday School is just one of the ways that we encourage discipleship through a smaller and fellowship-driven setting. We have Sunday School classes available for everyone in any stage of life.

Little Ones


We have a staffed nursery where you can drop off your tiny humans and know they are in a safe and loving environment.

Praise and Play (Pre-k)

Bring your kids that are just above that nursery age and have peace in mind knowing they’re not only safe, but are being taught God’s Word through Bible stories, music, and fun activities!

Journeyland (K – 6th grade)

Once the little ones aren’t quite as little any longer, they get promoted to Journeyland! Journeyland is a rotational-style Sunday School experience where each class visits a different room and has a different experience on a weekly basis. Journeyland offers an exciting variety of rooms such as a Theater Room, Computer Room, Craft Room, and Temple Room. Regardless of where your child is any given week, you can rest assured that they’re being taught God’s word and are being shaped and led down the right path.

MFC Youth (7th – 12th grade)

These teenage years are some of the most important years of anyone’s life because it’s a time where a lot of important life choices are made. Our youth group has a Sunday School class where God’s word is taught with an emphasis on living a Christian life, accountability, and addressing some of those integral life choices.

Young Adults and Not So Young Adults

College and Career

This is a class for young adults who are either in college, or in the early stages of a career. This class uses scripture and discussion to address the situations that anyone at this stage of life are experiencing – and helping deal with them!

Young Married

We have two classes available for couples who are new to the married life. Each class covers a variety of topics within the realm of marriage and parenting, and provide a great place to be in fellowship with those that are in the same place in life!


We have four classes available for any adults who don’t fit the description of any of the other classes. They teach Bible studies from all parts of the Bible and address life situations with scriptural teaching. The classes vary in style but every class provides caring support and sound teaching. Come find the right fit for you!

Morning Worship – 10:15am

Following Sunday School is our Morning Worship Service. It’s a blended style of worship that includes contemporary music and traditional hymns led by our full band Worship Team, and genuine messages from the Word of God.

Children’s activities continue to run through the service, so you can go throughout your morning knowing your kiddos are safe and worshiping in their own way!