Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted we are 100% back up and running. We want to welcome you and your family to our Sunday morning service that starts at 10:30am.

KIDS CHURCH – 10:30am

We believe in investing in our children. It’s a tough world out there and we believe the church is called to help raise and guide every child in an environment that emulates the unconditional love of Jesus. 

Children & Youth


We have a staffed nursery where you can drop off your littles and know they are in a safe and loving environment.

Praise and Play (Pre-k)

Bring your kids that are just above that nursery age and have peace of mind knowing they’re not only safe, but are being taught God’s Word through Bible stories, music, and fun activities!

M1Naz Kidz Club (K – 6th grade)

Once the little ones aren’t quite as little any longer, they get promoted to Journeyland! Journeyland is a rotational-style Sunday School experience where each class visits a different room and has a different experience on a weekly basis. Journeyland offers an exciting variety of rooms such as a Theater Room, Computer Room, Craft Room, and Temple Room. Regardless of where your child is any given week, you can rest assured that they’re being taught God’s word and are being shaped and led down the right path.

M1Naz Youth (7th – 12th grade)

These teenage years are some of the most important years of anyone’s life because it’s a time where a lot of important life choices are made. Our youth group has a Sunday School class where God’s word is taught with an emphasis on living a Christian life, accountability, and addressing some of those integral life choices.

Young Adults and Not So Young Adults

It is our goal in small group ministry to provide a small group and setting that suits every age and life situation.  From college student to senior adult, we have a place for you. 

Our young adult class welcomes anyone college age through young adulthood, single or married, with or without children.  Come and join the discussion as we look to apply biblical perspectives to everyday life, use scripture to help navigate life changes, and enjoy fellowship and accountability in a small group setting.

Our adult classes vary in size and teaching style, but you can count on every one of them to provide studies from all parts of the Bible and to address life situations with scriptural teaching.  Every class provides caring support and good fellowship.

Feel free to explore and ask questions and find the right fit for you!

Morning Worship – 10:30am

Our Morning Worship Service is contemporary. It’s led by our full band Worship Team, and genuine messages from the Word of God.

Children’s activities continue to run through the service, so you can go throughout your morning knowing your kiddos are safe and worshiping in their own way!